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Waterford Maine

Beyond family history*, Waterford draws me because of the setting, the neighbors and the atmosphere.  Waterford is in the rolling foothills of the White Mountains.  The Waterford area allows for a wide variety of year round activities.  The  town has 7 lakes and ponds and the (aptly named) Crooked River.   Waterford is just a few miles from the White Mountain National Forest.   Three ski areas (Sunday River, Shawnee Peak and Mount Abram) are within 25 miles.

Maybe best of all, Waterford is a quintessential New England town in a very quiet setting.   Though Waterford is convenient (32 miles from Conway, NH, 45 miles from Portland and less than 3 hours from Boston), it is off the beaten path with no major highways nearby.

Waterford has a history of being a quiet place to live.  David McWain arrived in Waterford as the first settler in 1775.  Local lore indicates that he got frustrated a few years later and considered moving on when he saw smoke rising from Paris Hill, which is a few miles away.   He feared it was getting “too crowded.”

Our four and five acre lots at Settlers Knoll are located on part of the original McWain Homestead land.  Despite David McWain’s fear of it getting too crowded Waterford is a quiet place to settle.  If Waterford seems to remote or too small for you, consider our country homesites that are just 8 miles away, just outside the Village of Norway, Maine.

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*Waterford Maine holds a very special place in my heart.  My ancestors moved to Waterford in 1826.  My grandfather met his future bride when he saw her walking the ridgepole of the boarding school in town and my father was raised there.  My wife and I chose to restore and move into the old family farm in Waterford shortly after getting married.  Our children grew up there and I spent much of my adult life in Waterford.

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