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Vacation homes for future retirement home

Many of our clients decide to buy land for their future retire and use it as a second home until they do retire.  This is a great way to plan for the future especially since expanded health and lifespans allow for an active retirement.

If you are considering this you may want to consider some of the following.  What activities will be most important to you in your retirement?  Are they compatible with the activities you like now?  If you will live there full time, will the distance to shopping, medical care, cultural activities, etc. be adequate for your needs or would you be better off traveling a little further for your activities.  With regard to our property, two examples of this would be a choice between Frost Homestead and Settlers Knoll.  Though they are only 8 miles apart, they are very different locations.  Frost is nearer to a local hospital and shopping.  Settlers feels more remote and has larger lots.  Both offer access to many outdoor activities.  Both are in quiet settings.  At the same time they each have a very distinct feel.

If you look at these two locations, they may help you better understand your various needs for both pre and post retirement

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