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Lot size

People frequently come to me saying that they want an “x” acre lot.  I like to rephrase it by asking what they are trying to achieve.  I do that because I feel it is important to know how your new home will “feel”.  Part of that will depend on the how large or small your lot feels.  I use the word “feel” because the physical size of the lot can be much different from how large or small the lot feels.  I have seen 10 acre lots that feel like they are less than an acre; I’ve seen 2 acre lots that seem much larger.

What makes the difference?  Location and orientation of the homes on adjacent lots, terrain, amount of trees nearby and lot layout has much to do with it.  It is also important to know what your neighbor can do on their land.  For example, my lots generally have a restriction of cutting no more than 25% of the trees over 6″ in diameter in a 5 year period of time.  If you want an open lot, buy an open lot.  But if you bought a nice, wooded lot and your neighbor can then strip their lot, you have lost what you were trying to have.  One customer told me about how the lot beside their home (which they had owned for 15 years) was suddenly stripped.  Not only did it kill the affect of their land, they had water and erosion problems as well.

Their is nothing wrong with an open lot.  Just make sure you can keep the setting you are trying to create.  I have open lots, lots that are private yet still feel “open” as well as wooded lots.

My point is, be sure to understand the feel you are trying to get.  If being close to town is important, yet privacy is also important, you can meet both of those needs.

Happy land hunting.  If you have any questions, even if doesn’t involve my land, feel free to give me a call.  I share thoughts with you.  Tom

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