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Looking for Land for Sale for a Primary Home Site

Primary home sites – things to consider.

  • LOCATION – How far do you want to commute?  Because there is generally less traffic in Maine, this question may be better answered as a time rather than distance question.   Generally the further you get from a city, the lower the prices become and more private the lots become.
  • ACTIVITIES NEARBY – How you like to spend your spare time will determine what works for you.  If you are an avid skier or hiker, being closer to those activities may be more important than the distance to a symphony or shopping.
  • RULES AND RESTRICTIONS – If it is a subdivision, are there association by-laws and deed restrictions?  Do such restrictions provide the protection you wish for this investment?  Do they meet with your value system?  Remember, a large square footage of a house does not mean that it will be attractive.  Would you be required to build, maintain and heat a building larger than you need?  If you want a large home, would you mind a smaller home next door?
  • TOWN AMENITIES – If you have school age children, check out the quality of the schools.
  • FEES AND TAXES – Look at the total cost of Association fees plus taxes.  What do the Association fees cover?  Are the roads town maintained or Association maintained.  We have one area in a town where the taxes are high but the Association fees are low.  In the next town over they are just the opposite with high fees and low taxes.  The total on both places are about the same.  In the first area, the town plows the roads; in the second, the Association does.
  • We have three subdivisions and they are 12, 20 and 30 miles from  Lewiston and Auburn, yet they each have an entirely different feel: Woodbury Bluff, Frost Homestead and Settlers Knoll.  FYI, there is only a 2o minute difference in the travel time from these same three areas to downtown Portland, Maine.

Be sure to look at future posts regarding the subjects of what to consider when it comes to soils, utilities, views, etc.

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