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Land for sale for Retirement

Two categories of buyers that I often see are those who are looking for a place to build a house to retire to and those who are looking to build a 4-Season home that they will eventually retire to.

I find there are a few common themes that go into those decisions.  Primarily they are:

  • the distance to the activities they enjoy (hiking, skiing, boating, …),
  • distance to amenities (stores, hospital, churches, …),
  • feel of the setting (rural, remote, private but not isolated, …)
  • type of community the land is in (more laid back vs. more cultural activities).

We have two different locations, though only 8 miles apart, help people narrow down their thoughts.  Both of these locations offer view lots as well as house lots nestled in the woods.  Both offer peaceful settings.

Settlers Knoll has 4 and 5 acre lots and is in a quiet Western Maine town. Hospitals, doctors offices and larger stores are 10 miles or so away yet you are closer to the White Mountain National Forest and outdoor activities.

Frost Homestead is just a couple of miles from a hospital, stores, coffee shop, golf, …  It has 3 common tennis courts, a basketball court and 24 acres of common land.

If you would like me to show you the difference between these two areas or share what I have noticed while showing many couples my land, please email or call me.

Tom Chadbourne, owner, 207 653-9955

PS  We do have land that is closer to Lewiston and Auburn, Maine as well as really remote lots.  To see all my options go to this site.

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