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Deed restrictions and covenants

Should you be concerned about deed restrictions and covenants?  That depends on what you are looking for.  Most rural towns have limited restrictions; thus you can see a mobile home setting beside an elaborate home.  To many people that is a not a problem.  If you are one of those, then you should read any restrictions very carefully to make sure they don’t limit you from doing that which you wish.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a particular setting for your home and want to maintain that environment, it may be important to see what protections are offered.  It can be a fine balance between restrictions and what you want to do with your lands carefully check out what is offered.

Generally Waterford Properties offers restrictions that help protect the value of your property without being too onerous.  Some of our areas vary it what they offer but generally they include:

  • no mobile homes
  • no unregistered vehicles
  • limits of cutting up to 25% of the trees within a 5 year period (It is a shame to buy a nice wooded lot only to have your abutting neighbor strip their land)
  • you never have to build, but once you start the exterior must be completed and the grounds reshaped within one year (no tar paper shacks.)
  • lots can not be further divided
  • a home site can only have one single family home
  • no business can be operated that employs more than two people in addition to the home owners.
  • side line as well as front and rear setbacks
  • storage of recreation vehicles  must be stored out of sight of the road.

Some places require architectural committees and the like.  We didn’t didn’t feel that was necessary.

Carefully consider what your needs are before you buy.

Good luck and enjoy your new adventure.  Tom

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