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Why look at land in the Spring

Each time of the year offer advantages to looking at land.  From a buyer’s perspective, however, if you have the flexibility, I believe the Spring is the best time to look at land you are considering.  Why?  Because it is when the land will look it’s worse!  We all can look at something and get […]

Land buying hints

When you are looking for land to buy, you should know the answers to these basic questions: What is the purpose for the land: primary home site, vacation home, weekend getaway, current recreation to be used for future retirement or . . . Important considerations for finding the right area for you: Waterfront View Distance […]

General items to consider when buying land.

These thoughts on what to look for when buying a home site are a broad brush look.  See future posts for more detailed thoughts. COST TO DEVELOP THE LOT – UTILITIES – Are the utilities you want (power, cable, etc.) on the road beside your lot?  If not, how much will it cost to bring […]

View lots

When you buy a view lot, be sure you get what your paying for.  Your view is very special to you and you paid a premium for it.  Unfortunately, some people buy a view only to lose their view in a very few years because trees grow to obstruct it or buildings are placed right in the […]

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